Black Voices at
Ohio State
Black History doesn’t just end with February.
In celebration of Black History Month and in support of the changing racial climates of the past year, Black x Bold Magazine and The Lantern have come together to produce The Black Voices Project, meant to uplift and highlight both past and present Ohio State students, faculty, and alumni.
Black and Bold Magazine
Black x Bold Magazine published its first print issue in November, 2020. In only its second year, Black x Bold Magazine has since delved into issues that effect — and connect — the interior of underrepresented communities at Ohio State.
The Lantern
The student voice of Ohio State since 1881. As part of becoming a more inclusive space for students, The Lantern is committed to addressing race and diversity in reporting.
Elexis Edwards

Story: Tatyana Woodall
Photo: Ohio State Department of Athletics

When it comes to being one of best, Elexis Edwards flips the script on both the competition and athletic inclusion.

Sadé Lindsay

Story: Jasmine Hilton
Photo: Christian Harsa

Sadé Lindsay grew up a Buckeye and earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Ohio State. Soon to graduate with her Ph.D. in sociology, Lindsay will be taking along more than degrees from Ohio State, but also the sense of community she found along the way.

Darryl Hood

Story: Bella Czajkowski
Photo: Christian Harsa

Although generational advocacy runs in his family, Darryl Hood is special - he launched his fight for racial equity at only 8 years old.

Lujuana Carson

Story: Gabriela Okhuysen
Photo: Mackenzie Shanklin

Lujuana Carson is a housekeeping manager in the Office of Student Life. In this story, she shares her experience as a housekeeper and what it’s like to be a staff member at Ohio State.

Joey Oteng

Story: Ashley Kimmel
Photo: Courtesy of Joey Oteng

Joey Oteng takes his crusade for justice outside of his law classroom through successful social media campaigns.

Judson Jeffries

Story: Owen Milnes
Photo: Courtesy of Judson Jeffries

Good professors explain things well, but great professors explain things and inspire students to action. Judson Jeffries, a professor in African American and African studies at Ohio State, aspires to be a great professor, saying it is his calling to teach young minds to navigate the world.

Donovan Hewitt

Story: Keaton Maisano
Photo: Christian Harsa

Ohio State sophomore gymnast Donovan Hewitt navigates his life as a student-athlete and uses his athletics platform to inspire change.

Matthew Hayes

Story: Chantal Brown
Photo: Courtesy of Matthew Hayes

Matthew Hayes reflects on his journey after fencing for over a decade.

Bethany Davis

Story: Akayla Gardner
Photo: Courtesy of Bethany Davis

Bethany Davis thought she was making the safe choice going to a small, out-of-state university after high school in 2008. But her experiences brought her to the campus of her parents’ alma mater.

Faith Metlock

Story: Kasie Rogers
Photo: Christian Harsa

With eye-catching visuals and interactive infographics, one Ohio State student takes it upon herself to combat health bias in medicine.